My name is Elianne, born 1989 in Switzerland, ever since I love to paint and draw with different kind of pencils and paint.

During more than 14 years of a main profession I still paint passionately as a self taught artist on a sideline but also paint on commission in several lines of business. 

The distraction of creating art got me through some of the darkest times of my life. It gave me the confidence and voice I needed that I couldn’t find anywhere else.



If you are interested in buying art from me, please contact me directly:



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Vanessa Muster ;)
03.09.2014 10:56:27
Ha scho paar mol dörfe Zügin vo dere faszinierende Arbet werde. Eli hammer hammer Bilder. I hoff i darf dir no oft zueluege und lerne :))) <3
Alex Muster
02.09.2014 10:31:18
D Künschterlin und Ihri Wärk..beides genial:-)
11.05.2014 20:04:18
Eifach dr HAMMER... <3... ich lieb dini Bilder:) mach witer so:))
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